Speculation is one of the great ways to spend time, especially in the summer. These days Canadians are passing the time wondering who will run for the federal Liberal leadership, whether there will be an NHL strike/lock-out and will we win more than one gold at the Summer Olympics.
Arguably the biggest rumours are being spread around the upcoming iPhone 5. It’s a safe bet that it will be capable of running on LTE networks — safe because Samsung’s Galaxy III S has beaten it there, the ucompcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphone will also leverage LTE, and Apple can’t afford to be left behind. It’s also assumed that a new iPhone will also be larger than the current iPhone 4S for the same reason.
So to fuel that last rumour ETradeSupply Int’l., which distributes parts for smart phones, has posted an article and video it says describes the front of the alleged new handset.  From this, Forbes contributor Susan Kalla deduces in this article that the new phone’s touch interface layer integrates into the liquid crystal glass for a thinner screen, compared to separate layers in the existing iPhone?
Is it true? Who knows. But after a long weekend it’s a good way to start things off.