A maker of Wi-Fi access systems and a supply chain information management specialist have agreed to work together to deliver new wireless distribution systems for organizations.

Ruckus Wireless Inc., which makes indoor and outdoor 802.11-based solutions, said Tuesday is has partnered with Intermec Inc., a manufacturer of data capture systems including RFID and bar code scanners to make integrated solutions for distribution centres.

The solutions will be delivered by the integration partners of both companies. Pricing will depend on the solution needed for each customer.

In a news release Ruckus said that linking Intermec solutions to backend warehouse management and enterprise resource planning systems requires consistent, reliable wireless connectivity.

But because warehouses, distribution centres and terminals have floor to ceiling steel racks and changing inventory levels, they often suffer from RF dead spots or poor signal coverage.

Ruckus says access points using its BeamFlex technology deliver reliable Wi-Fi performance.
(Ruckus says this ZoneFlex 7962 is an enterprise-class dual-band access point)
“Intermec provides a broad range of rugged mobile solutions for warehouses, distribution centers and logistics operations,” Andy Stento, Intermec’s senior director of channel sales and strategic alliances,  said in the release.

“Ruckus provides excellent Wi-Fi infrastructure that excels in challenging RF environments like these. Together, Ruckus and Intermec enable high-performance, cost-effective warehouse supply chain management, which means hassle-free operations and low TCO.”

Ruckus is Intermec’s second Wi-Fi partner. It also has an alliance with Cisco Systems Inc.