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VoIP market in Canada to be deregulated by Feds

The federal government is preparing to override the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) plans to regulate Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. Stripping away the regulations restricting how incumbent providers can offer VoIP won’t have a negative impact on existing businesses, but will make the consumer VoIP market more competitive, according to a Canadian telecom expert.

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Readers write back:

August 3, 2007Ashok of Toronto writes: I agree that telecommunication [should] be completely deregulated in Canada. [The] Canadian consumer is suffering from monopolistic cartels. Mobile telephony is an example. Canada and the U.S. are the only developed countries where the subscriber has to pay for incoming international calls. Ridiculous, preposterous and skimming of consumers.

Africa, Asia and other continents are well ahead in service standards now than most of our service providers. Take it or leave it, no other option, no innovation, mammoth white elephants supported by [a] regulator [which] is supposed to have consumer interest in mind and not service provider [interest]. Is this new Canada?

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