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Canada under attack for ‘soft’ copyright laws

Canada should be blacklisted as an evildoer of intellectual property rights because the Canadian government has failed to modernize its copyright laws and refuses to crack down on software pirates, says a group of U.S. lobbyists.

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March 1, 2007Arthur N. Klassen of Aldergrove, B.C., writes: “The U.S., home of the Mickey Mouse Copyright non-expiry, is so far out of touch with regard to copyright that any and every country should stand up to them. It’s in the U.S. that ‘fair use’ rights have eroded to the point of non-existence. It’s in the U.S. that silly laws like the DMCA get passed. It’s in the U.S. that the RIAA and MPAA sue grandmothers and others based on erroneous ISP logs. Lock the bullies out and tell them to revise their own laws to be more reasonable, not to impose their outrageous standards – which large numbers of their own citizens object to – on everyone else. And that’s my final answer. Oh. Whoops. Is that copyrighted?”

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