Intel Security launched today a new feature to its True Key password management solution it says enables users to reset a master password in the event it is forgotten.

The Master Password Reset feature for the cross-platform True Key app allows users to securely recover a common password using other unique factors, including a face or fingerprint scan, or via a second device, according to the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company.

Intel Security’s True Key competes in a growing field that includes products such as 1Password and LastPass. Password managers, in an enterprise context, can help provide federated single sign-on access management for cloud-based services. The tools, which often involve a centralized control panel for administrators and auditors, are growing in popularity within the enterprise as they reduce complexity in requiring users to remember only one master password, regardless of device or operating system platform.

But while enterprise vendors tout a password-login free future for decentralized IT environments, these web-based offerings are not foolproof: popular password manager LastPass was hacked this past year, reminding users that these products should be considered as a part of a larger security strategy.

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