Infoseek Germany rolls out face-searching service

Infoseek Germany rolls out face-searching service

Published: December 13th, 2000

Internet search engine Infoseek Germany is implementing a visual search feature which can locate faces of particular people.

The service implements image detection and recognition technology developed by Cobion GmbH, said Infoseek service provider WSI Webseek Infoservice GmbH & Co. KG., in a statement Tuesday. Users can, for example, type in the name of a celebrity and locate images of the person’s face, the companies said. The search engine offers a “Star Directory” that automatically scans the Web and catalogues new images of movie and music personalities.

Users can also locate images of people associated with a certain keyword, for example, a search for “Armani” and “people” returns images of models wearing fashion designer Armani’s designs, the companies said.

“This is the first time that you can search for human beings within the Internet,” said Cobion CEO J