IBM releases System 10z mainframe


IBM Corp. announced Tuesday the launch of its System z10 mainframe, which it said will increase data centre efficiency as well as reduce power and cooling costs.

The Armonk, NY-based computer maker said a single System z10 is roughly equal to 1,500 distributed servers, but with an 85 per cent reduction in energy costs. The company said the mainframe will be about 50 per cent faster, in addition to offering up to 100 per cent better performance for computer intensive jobs, compared to its z9 predecessor.

IBM also said that because the 64-processor mainframe uses Quad-Core technology and was designed for shared use, it actually offers greater performance over virtualized servers – sustaining anywhere from hundreds to hundreds of millions of users.

The z10 supports a wide range of workloads, including Linux, XML, Java, WebSphere and key Service Oriented Architecture-related workloads.


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