HP 3par storage system gets all flash capability


LAS VEGAS—Hewlett-Packard’s converged storage product is getting an all-flash makeover aimed at boosting speed maximizing availability and cutting operation cost.

At the HP Discover 2013 event here on Tuesday the company introduced the new 3Par StoreServe 7450 storage system, which is purpose-built for full solid-state-drive implementation.

The latest addition to HP’s converged storage portfolio bumps performance and reduces latency, according to David Scott, senior vice-president of HP’s storage division.

For instance, the 3Par StoreServ 7450 is capable of delivering 550,000 input/out operations per second with less than 0.7 millisecond response time. The product’s hardware accelerated data compaction reduces capacity needs by up to 50 per cent without degrading performance.
(HP 3Par StoreServ 7450)

SSDs are able to retrieve data faster than HDDs. However, systems designed for HDDs that are filled with solid-state drives can produce bottlenecks, Scott said.

He said the new product’s full-flash architecture helps users avoid the complexity and cost associated with other systems built for hard disk drives (HDDs) that are adopted for SSDs.


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“Competitors with legacy portfolios are unable to make the leap from traditional storage to flash systems without starting from scratch or introducing silos,” he said. “3Par StoreServe is able to reduce cost and speed deployments because of its architecture that allows it to share common data services across data services.”

HP’s 3Par StoreServe 7000 series is designed for medium and large scale businesses, according to Sean Kinney, director of product marketing for storage at HP[NYSE: HPQ] . Existing 7000 series arrays can be filled with SSDs but the 7450 was designed from to function with SSDs. The 7450’s application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) enables it to take full advantage of SSDs speed.

Kinney said, the 7450 can be configured with 100GB and 200GB SSDs with single-level cell (SLC) technology or 400GB SSDs with multi-level cell (MLC) technology.

It can handle a maximum of 240 drives and 96TB of storage.

The 7450 is available today with a starting price of $99,000.



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