Some IT vendors move actively to expand their product line. HotLink Corp. is shrinking to make offerings simpler for enterprises.

The hybrid IT management company said this week it is merging its one of its first products, Supervisor, into one of its newest, Hybrid Express so customers can have one solution for managing resources through VMware’s vCenter and Amazon Web Services.

It’s a recognition that more of customers have deployed both Supervisor — which lets vCenter see Microsoft Hyper-V, Red Hat KVM, Citrix XenServer as if they are VMware ESX hypervisors — and Hybrid Express – which lets administrators manage Amazon resources through vCenter.

“In a single solution customers can now interoperate between Amazon Web Services and Hyper-V, XenServer and KVM all in a single product,” CEO Lynn LeBlanc said  in an interview.

It was one of several product enhancements the company announced. Also added to Hybrid Express is CIMple SDN, which allows the suite to auto discover software-defined networks for management of multi-hypervisor and AWS environments through vCenter.

HotLink’s DR Express, a vCenter plug-in for disaster recovery to AWS, has also been enhanced in the following ways:

  • Protection dashboard and analytics – Provides a consolidated view of all protected VMs and their status, as well as detailed data for download and analysis
  • Flexible storage reconfiguration – Reconfigure and reduce on-premise storage needed for hybrid computing and data protection
  • Restore point rollback – Rollback the replication baseline of future restore points to any prior successful seed or delta
  • File server replication – Automated, continuous bi-directional replication of large file servers between on-premise and Amazon S3
  • Database server replication – Automated, continuous bi-directional replication of large database servers (virtual or physical) between on-premise and Amazon EC2.

The company has also added new capabilities for both DR Express and Hybrid Express. They now offer multi-disk and large disk support, so virtual machines with multi-disk architectures can be imported to EC2. EC2 disk creation and configuration has been made easier.

New performance dashboards and analytics let administrators review detailed performance of virtual machines, application stacks, hybrid tasks and bandwidth usage. In addition, they now offer automated infrastructure diagnostics.


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