Hosting firm gets Hyper about virtualization


Utility computing vendor Layered Tech Inc. is using Microsoft Corp.’s virtualization technology to offer “virtual private machines.”

The Plano, Tex.-based vendor announced this week its virtual machines will be available for $89 per month or more, on a “pay as you grow” basis. These machines will use virtual instances of servers, owned by Layered, based on either IntelVT or AMD-V processors.

Layered said it plans to use the Hyper-V component of the Windows Server 2008 operating system, which was released last month.

With Hyper-V, Microsoft says companies with servers running Windows and other operating systems, including Linux, will be able to consolidate servers. Hyper-V is also designed to let companies combine 32-bit and 64-bit workloads in the same environment.

Layered Technologies originally announced its intent to use Hyper V When Microsoft made the component available for download. At the time, Layered chief technology officer Jason Suo-Anttila said Hyper V would allow for “true partitioning” of hardware.


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