Hashtag Trending – Uber launches job app; the office is dying; Netflix uses 15% of internet

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Uber launches new job app; the physical office is dying; Netflix uses 15% of world’s internet

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Uber has revolutionized the transportation industry, and now they are looking to do the same for the job market, and it is trending on LinkedIn. Launching today in Chicago, Uber Works is geared towards the gig economy and they hope it will change how freelancers and temporary workers find their work. Not only can users find jobs by location, hours, and pay, but they will also be able to use the app to clock in and out of shifts. This comes amid some states, including California, are working to pass legislation that would force companies to classify temporary workers as employees so it should be interesting to watch how that affects this newest app from Uber.

As you listen to this podcast, you may be at the office, but in this day and age, it is just as possible you are listening from the comfort of your home office, as a new report from The Economist that is trending on LinkedIn indicates that the need for physical offices is diminishing and it could lead to the extinction of the office as we know it. The report lists the demands of workers for more flexible work lives, none of this would be possible without the technology that has enabled companies to operate in such a remote and flexible fashion.

And rounding out our lineup for the day we have a story trending on Reddit and it puts forward some stats that are quite staggering. According to a report from a bandwidth management company outlines that Netflix currently takes up a whopping 15% of the world’s bandwidth. Following up Netflix, the major players were embedded videos at just over 13%, Youtube at almost 11.5%, and general web browsing at 7.8%.


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