Elon Musk is getting creative in order to raise funding for his latest venture, the reworked Firefox Quantum is a hit, and workers across the world are embracing robo-therapists and online therapy.

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From Linkedin – You can just call him a simple hat salesman. Elon Musk got creative in order to raise funding for his new tunneling venture, The Boring Company. The billionaire reported that he has sold 30,000 hats with The Boring Company printed on them at 20 bucks each. This means that he has now raised $600,000 dollars in hat sales, with an ultimate goal of $1 million dollars or 50,000 hats. And just what is The Boring Company? Musk aims to solve Los Angeles’ traffic problem with tunnels that will move cars in pods at speeds of up to 125 miles per hour to speed things along. My only request is that he fix Toronto next.

From Reddit – It looks like Mozilla’s new and improved Firefox browser is a hit. The company reported yesterday that since the launch of Firefox Quantum less than a month ago it has been installed by 170 million people around the world. Mozilla has also seen a 44 per cent growth in downloads from people who are using Google’s Chrome browser compared to the same time last year, while Mobile downloads on iOS and Android have also risen by 24 per cent. As for its best received new feature? Mozilla says that its screenshots update is a breakout hit with 30 million screenshots taken since its launch in late September.

And from Linkedin once more – People are turning to artificial intelligence chat bots – or robo-therapists – for a more convenient, anonymous, and affordable kind of online therapy. Apps like Woebot, are becoming more popular as a way to give those who may not have access to traditional therapy access to care. Woebot, which was launched earlier this year, is programmed to mimic human conversation and decision-making, and mostly offers advice, self-help guidance, and companionship by checking in once a day over Facebook Messenger. Now while apps like Woebot won’t replace traditional therapy this is certainly a step in the right direction for growing awareness for mental health. Woebot will cost you 39 dollars per month after a two-week free trial.

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