Barack Obama’s transition team appointed three people to develop technology policy priorities for the Obama administration.

They’ll form the technology, innovation and government reform policy working group. All three have some government experience.

Blair Levin, an analyst at financial services company Stifel Nicolaus focusing on telecom, media and technology regulations, served as chief of staff for Reed Hundt when he was chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Sonal Shah runs Google’s philanthropic initiatives. She’s the head of, which aims to use technology to address climate change, poverty and disease. Shah has worked for the Treasury Department and the National Security Council and serves on the Obama-Biden Transition Project Advisory Board, which has been managing the transition.

The third member of the working group is Julius Genachowski, cofounder of Rock Creek Ventures and LaunchBox Digital.

Genachowski has worked at IAC and served as chief counsel at the FCC. He, too, is on the Obama-Biden Transition Project Advisory Board.

Obama has laid out a technology plan that includes investing in scientific research, ensuring that the Internet is open and bringing broadband to more people. He has said he plans to be the first president to appoint a chief technology officer who will guide technology priorities.

Speculation has such high-profile leaders as Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in the running for the CTO post, but the Obama team hasn’t offered any hints about whom they are considering.

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