Portability of cloud applications is somewhat of a dream now, in part because cloud computing is in its infancy.

Now Google is making steps to make it easier for its App Engine to run on top of Red Hat’s JBoss middleware in private clouds. The effort was revealed this week by Google software engineer Ludovic Champenois in a blog.

App Engine is a stack for hosting applications on the same infrastructure as Google.

It involves the open source Test Compatibility Kit (TCK) project for Google App Engine.

In his blog, Champenois explains that JBoss is a key leader in the Java EE API specification. If App Engine can run on top of its JBoss APIs, it will help meet app portability worries. It will also encourage organizations to use App Engine on private JBoss Application Server clusters and Red Hat’s OpenShift cloud.
Take a look at the blog and see if it makes sense for your organization.

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