A report published today is very positive about the IT career market in Canada.

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The demand for qualified IT professionals has reached a 26 year high in Canada, proclaims CNC Global’s quarterly report: “IT Staffing Requirements in the Canadian Market – Q2, 2007.”

Here are some sanguine statistics presented by the report:

* National demand for IT professionals has increased 17 per cent compared to the same period last year;

* The winners are the job seekers, and qualified candidates can expect to see three to four job offers;

Problem is, whenever we publish an article citing the findings of such reports, we get a volley of passionate letters from disgruntled IT professionals complaining the much-touted “job glut” is nothing but hogwash. “We are well-qualified, but we’re still unemployed,” is a not so uncommon refrain of many IT pros, who write to us.”

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