Geomatics gets government largesse


Finding the proverbial needle in a haystack isn’t that daunting if you can identify the location of the needle.

For many public sector organizations coast to coast that’s going to be way easier to do – thanks to the federal decision to fund 29 crucial geo-spatial projects.

Federal government funding for the projects comes from GeoConnections, a national alliance dedicated to building a Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI) that provides online access to Canada’s geospatial databases, tools and services.

The government’s $3.35-million contribution is in addition to the $4.5 million invested by other partners.

The projects are either being spearheaded by government organizations, or by “communities of practice” – users who share a common requirement for geospatial information.

These projects will “allow our communities and all Canadians to access, use and share geographic information,” said Mauril B


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