Fujitsu Asia Pte. Ltd. last week announced plans to become a key provider of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions for the local and regional markets as the company marked its 30th year of operations in Singapore.

“The provision of comprehensive ICT solutions and services represents tremendous growth potential for Fujitsu in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations),” said Naoyuki Akikusa, Chairman of Fujitsu Limited.

“With our expertise in designing, building and operating business-critical IT systems for customers and Fujitsu Asia’s deep understanding of the ASEAN market and customers’ requirements, we are ideally positioned to capitalize on the region’s fast growing demand for IT outsourcing and other sophisticated ICT services and solutions,” he added.

Akikusa was in Singapore for Fujitsu’s 30th anniversary celebration in the country, and the presentation of the International Headquarters (IHQ) Award by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

According to Norikazu Karasuda, regional group chief executive of Fujitsu Asia, Fujitsu expects ASEAN revenues to grow to about S$1.2 billion (US$700 million) by March 2007, almost doubling the current figure of S$680 million. To achieve this target, Fujitsu Asia will spend an additional S$47 million in Singapore over the next three years in areas such as job creation, training and tasks aimed at enhancing its services and solutions business.

Fujitsu also intends to strengthen existing businesses and expand its operations in the region by focusing on high-growth areas such as system integration with Fujitsu’s and multi-vendors’ products, infrastructure management and outsourcing, and helpdesk and desktop services.

Fujitsu will also introduce products, solutions and services based on the Triole strategy to enterprise customers, enabling them to increase business efficiency, agility and continuity.

Triole, inspired by the German word for triplet, is based on the three core technological areas of autonomics, virtualization and integration. Triole is designed to combine server, storage, network and middleware products to create an integrated, multi-vendor system, extending the life of existing IT systems and expanding their capacity and functionality.

Fujitsu Asia’s plans for Singapore and the region are in line with Fujitsu Ltd.’s strategy to leverage the collective strengths of its software and services, platforms and technology groups to continuously develop and provide solutions that will help customers get the most out of IT.

In his keynote speech at the Fujitsu Solution Forum in Tokyo last month, Hiroaki Kurokawa, president of Fujitsu Limited said that the company intends to upgrade core systems, and to enhance the convenience and operability of terminals, improve the security of software, and provide solutions familiar to users, to create a new chain of values for customers to meet the challenges of an emerging era of ubiquitous computing and communications.

As the regional headquarters in ASEAN, Fujitsu Asia serves as the administrative, logistics, marketing and sales hub for Fujitsu’s business operations in this part of the world.