A cloud-based analytic platform has added a data warehouse service to its offerings.

San Francisco-based GoodData said the new service use a columnar database and fully integrated governance and integration processes to support end-to-end automation for customers.

“GoodData supports IT’s need across the enterprise to manage different business analytics projects through one seamlessly integrated and scalable data management layer,” company CEO and founder Roman Stanek said in a statement. “Based on a data lake model, our agile data warehousing service allows customers to centrally stage, store and manage all the data in one cloud-based hub. This lets them power robust analytic projects throughout the organization — even the creation of revenue-generating data products.”

The data warehousing service is built on  Hewlett-Packard Co.’s  Vertica analytics platform, delployed across a distributed architecture for scalable storage. Customers get a complete history of data, both in raw and transformed states, with full lineage from ingestion to visualization.

Integrated dual-stage storage enables the separation of all raw data (in file storage or HDFS) from analytical areas for changing business models, the company said.  There is visibility into integration of structured and unstructured data through a Data Integration Service Console, a new data loading management tool to schedule, deploy, monitor and alert on extract, transform and load processes.

There is also support for advanced cleansing and data manipulation, said projects can be crafted to specific needs. There are also flexible data modeling functions for warehouse schema and dimensionalized, aggregate data marts that support agile development practices by eliminating maintenance headache.

Full disaster recovery and reconstruction from source data at any time in the future is promised.

The data warehouse service joins the company’s other services, which include sales analytics, marketing analytics, Yammer analytics and service analytics dashboards.

GoodData says it has APIs that can pull data from a number of sources, including Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and Google Adwords. Customers include Vancouver’s HootSuite.