Just when you thought you could get away from social networks comes a new tool that brings them even closer.

The latest version of Firefox, released Tuesday, comes with what developers call a Social API that lets social services integrate into the browser.

As a result, social media flows can run down the side of the Web page a user is on so another tab doesn’t have to be opened.

The first integration with Firefox 17 is with Facebook through an app called Messenger, which shows chats, updates, notifications and friend requests.
I’m of two minds of this innovation: Have less screen real estate is not what I need to be productive. It seems to me if you want to keep track of two screens at the same time, get a second monitor. Or a Wi-Fi tablet to carry the second stream.
But those may not be affordable alternatives for some. In which case social integration will be welcome.
ComputerWorld U.S. notes Firefox 17 also adds new security features.