Finns light up Isle of Wight broadband network

Finns light up Isle of Wight broadband network

Published: October 16th, 2000

Finnish technology group Teleste Corp. has been chosen to offer the technical broadband cable network solution for the British operator Isle of Wight Cable and Telephone Company. The shipping starts during this year. The value of the project is 2.9 million euros (US$2.5 million).

“The size of the deal is typical for us. The biggest deal Teleste has made during this year is worth 5.7 million euros,” said Teleste chief financial officer Antti Salminen.

The delivery includes digital head end, fiber nodes and amplifiers. The company is the technical integrator in the project. According to Salminen, this means that Teleste has the main responsibility of the technical solution in the project, which includes the company’s equipment.

Teleste’s revenue during the last year was 66.6 million euros.