A WAN optimization specialist has updated its solution to go into what is says is wide area networking orchestration.

Boston-based Exinda — which has a significant research and development section in Ontario — says version 7 of its appliance has broader capabilities than previous versions which will give organizations more control over the network.

“It’s a big step in what we’re offering to the market, as it allows us to realize orchestration” Ryan Tollofson, the company’s director of marketing, said in an interview. “That is the vision we have been putting forward over the last year to help move WAN optimization from making things faster on the network to orchestrating all the resources on your network.”

Exinda Network Orchestrator includes:

— a recommendation engine, which analyses what’s happening on the network and prompt an administrator to make changes to improve performance;

–a solution centre, which is an store of purpose-built reports for application performance, WAN planning, critical IT projects and WAN governance that administrators can use as a resource;

–and a new user interface, which will make the suite easier to use. It includes the ability to store and do historical analysis of network data to help troubleshoot problems.

This is on top of the standard application acceleration features.

In short, the appliance is “a new way to managing your network — it’s not just focusing on bandwidth,” Tollofson said.

A cloud-based central management system is available for managing multiple Exinda deployments. There’s also a mobile version to extend acceleration to mobile devices.

One of the early implementers of the new version has been South African-based integrator BDNS Ltd., which has five customers using it including a school board.

In his country even 4 MB Internet speeds is “a bit of a luxury” for schools, he said, so for administrators to be able to see which applications are consuming bandwidth and troubleshoot almost instantly is “absolutely crucial.” Version 7 has helped the board get the bandwidth it needs, he said.

Founded Australia 10 years ago, Exinda is now headquartered in Boston, with R&D staff in Toronto and Waterloo, Ont.

ther’es a cloud-based central management system, so can manage multiple deployments of Exinda. There’s also a mobile version to extend acceleration to mobile devices

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