A Montreal telecommunications management solutions company has released a new expense management platform it says will not only let enterprises oversee telecom costs easier it will also track more IT assets.

Etelesolv.com Ltd. said the suite, called Cimpl, is a revamped version of its long-time TeleManager product for telecom asset management.

However, the suite has been rebuilt using HTML 5, sports a new user interface, enhanced security and it can be used by service providers in a multitenancy mode. But it will also include IT asset management, including tracking where assets are located, who owns them and who pays for them.

Separately, president and founder Christopher Thierry announced today that the company has moved into bigger offices in the city to support its growth. Etelesolv has doubled its staff in the last two years.

Cimpl goes beyond finding unused telecom lines and managing billing said Thierry.

“When we started in 2006 Telemanager was all about telecom – wired and wireless and making sure people got visibility on billing. But in the last couple years people asked us to include software licences, cloud assets and other things that had the same properties as wireless plans and telecom lines.”

So, he said, “we’ve added the ability to add in almost an unlimited number of IT and telecom assets.” To expand that there will be a Cimpl software developers kit and APIs released to connect to third party applications.

Cimpl already integrates into an organization’s Active Directory, PBX and enterprise resource management platforms, where it captures data (for example, invoices from carriers, data from SAP or Oracle, telecom usage data from Cisco Systems or Avaya unified communications applications, network discovery tools.

However, these are “one-off” integrations, Thierry said. He wants to open Cimpl up to other applications and managed service providers. The APIs will be released over the next 12 months.

Cimpl comes in cloud and on-premise versions.

In use Cimpl can show details of telecom spending for any user to the device level, by provider and by service through a configurable dashboard.

Managers can drill down to see an individual’s spending by domestic charges, voice, long distance, text messages, roaming et cetera – for each device the staffer has.

“One of the biggest organizations face today is they get this massive corporate invoice, but it’s hard to distribute the costs to the end user to make sure the accurate allocations happened for budgeting,,” said Nitin, Khatri, vice-president of sales. “We break it down.”

While Telemanager did some of this, in Cimpl everything becomes a service, he said – a staffers’s handset, cellular-enabled iPad, long-distance calling card, PC, VPN token – to get a true cost per employee.

Cimpl also sends a link to staffers so they can see their monthly charges.