Enterprise software myths dispelled


There are myths about King Arthur, Area 51 and the size of Apple’s legal team. There are also myths about the uses of enterprise software.

Like all myths, there is some truth in what people believe about software and a lot of mistakes. A recent report from Forrester Research tries to separate fact from fiction as outlined by IT World U.S.

For example, the extent to which organizations use social media for collaboration is overstated, says the report. Many want staff to use tools like Twitter and Facebook, probably for marketing. But not to replace collaboration tools, which have more flexibility, more capabilities and, most important, better security.

Other myths looked at include the importance of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software over other corporate applications, that custom application development is dead and Software-as-as-Service (Saas) is replacing everything.
To be sure, some of these software myths are a bit overdrawn. But then that’s what makes a myth legendary.


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