EMC Corp. today released an 8-gigabyte per second Fibre Channel director that should help cut operational and capital costs in virtualized infrastructures.

EMC Connectrix ED-DCX-B, the newest product of the company’s Connectrix suite, has four times the aggregate bandwidth in addition to the greater line rate, the company said.

The product enables large-scale consolidation of virtual and physical servers and storage pools, multi-protocol integration, and simplified management, said EMC.

The product is an ideal platform for enterprises looking to meet current needs as well as offering scalability to meet future SAN requirements, said Barbara Robidoux, EMC vice-president of storage product marketing. “It’s a platform that is designed to meet current needs and be easily expanded to meet future SAN requirements,” she said.

Other new features include Adaptive Networking Services for optimized fabric behaviour and ensuring ample bandwidth for mission critical applications; native interoperability with Connectrix M-series switches and directors; and Admin Domains to segregate and limit access to shared fabric resources.


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