With an eye on large enterprise storage environments, EMC Corp. unveiled on Monday new all-flash iterations of its traditional VMAX storage array platform.

Declaring 2016 to be the “year of all-flash” for primary storage, the vendor notes it is relegating traditional disk array products to bulk and archive storage requirements.

Available now, the announced VMAX All Flash storage array — which includes new models EMC VMAX 450 and EMC VMAX 850 — offers a reduced total cost of ownership compared to legacy enterprise disk-based arrays and is able to natively support block, file, open systems and mainframe with the ability to scale up to four petabytes (PB) of data, the company claimed.

While flash storage platform environments have traditionally had bottleneck issues around data protection, EMC’s ProtectPoint software can be added to any configuration of VMAX All Flash to perform direct backup between VMAX and EMC Data Domain protection storage, according to EMC. And given that flash is generally faster than spinning disk hardware, EMC is banking that its “all-flash for primary storage” approach will appeal to organizations with large scale enterprise storage environments.

The VMAX All Flash delivers “millions of IOPS” and sustains under 500 microseconds of latency for read/write workloads while supporting up to 150GB/s of bandwidth, the company said.

In addition, the new EMC products include its data services — such as thin provisioning and AppSync data protection software — associated with its traditional storage products. The products are designed for the “modern data centre” and can offer consistent sub-millisecond latency while offering world-class six-nines availability, said Guy Churchward, EMC’s president of core technologies in a statement.


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