Toshiba has launched six new laptops with 120GB solid state hard drives, including four premium Tecra models (R10, A10, S10 and M10), the Portege A600 and the Portege M750 convertible tablet PC. All the machines have Intel Core Duo processors. They range in screen size from 12.1 inches to 15.4 inches.

Sans Digital pairs its 12-bay and 16-bay rack-mount storage arrays with a one-to-four fan-out cable, allowing the connection of 144TB to 196TB of storage per dual-port adapter. The AccuRAID racks accept SATA I/II drives and use RAID 6 for redundancy.

Other World Computing’s Mercury Pro eight-speed Blu-Ray drives will also burn DVDs at 16X speed and CDs at 32X speed, and writes at up to 2GB a minute. Its quad interface has FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0 and eSATA connectivity. The drives can burn 50GB of data onto a single Blu-Ray disk in about 30 minutes.

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