So your customer relationship management software and robust database has given you reams of customer records. Can you actually go through them all easily and figure out what else you should try to sell existing customers? If not, Oracle Corp.’s Sales Prospector might be worth looking into. Oracle says this software is designed to help sales staff focus on “more productive leads,” by analyzing buying patterns. Not only does it look at your own records, but it also evaluates companies with similar profiles, and information gathered from public sources. It also puts sales data into a central repository that looks at every order taken from every customer.

If you automatically think of IBM every time you hear the word mainframe, that might change. With its NonStop NB50000C, HP has brought mainframe capabilities to its blade server line. The NonStop is designed for transaction-heavy apps such as credit and debit processing. Eight blades will fit into one C7000 enclosure and it uses the same operating system as previous NonStop servers. HP claims you get twice the performance with half the footprint, which comes in handy if you’re trying to reduce the cost of your data centre.

How many times have you tried to work on a laptop outdoors and found you couldn’t read the stupid screen because of the sunlight? Toshiba has tried to address this problem with its Port

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