If you’re a regular CIO Canada reader, you’ve probably already discovered that this issue has a different look to it. The publishing team decided it was time for a makeover and this is the inaugural edition sporting the new design. We think it’s pretty spiffy and as up-to-the-minute as the rush-hour traffic report. But what matters most is what you think, so we encourage you to sidle up to the keyboard and tell us what you like about the new look, or maybe what you don’t like.

You’ll also find that page for page, we’ve packed more into this issue. That’s something we’ll be continuing to do in the future. We want to make sure that we give you as much content as we can in each issue.

And speaking of content, that’s where you come in. If there’s a subject you would like us to tackle, please let us know. Or if you’re doing some interesting things in your IT department that you think other IT execs across the country would like to know about, give us a call or send us an email. As the publication of record for CIOs in Canada, we want to communicate your stories, and often the only way we can find out about them is if you tell us.

And while you’re at it, we want to find out what’s happening in your career as well. Many of our readers are your friends and colleagues, some of whom you may have lost touch with. What better way to reconnect with them than through the pages of CIO Canada? We’re happy to publish your appointment notice, your latest industry achievement, or even the fact that your dog thinks you’re the greatest guy in the world. Okay, maybe not the dog thing.

So don’t be shy. We’ve got plenty of pages that need filling.