Echoworx encryption software now available on Vista

Echoworx encryption software now available on Vista

Published: November 19th, 2007

Echoworx Corp. announced today its products now work on Microsoft Windows Vista.

The Toronto-based security software ‘s product set includes Secure Mail, Encrypted Message Exchange, Encrypted Document Presentation and Secure DOX.

The vendor, which makes software using public key infrastructure and S/MIME technologies using X.509 certificates, is a Trusted Microsoft Root Certificate Authority, meaning workers who receive messages encrypted by Echoworx software can verify the sender’s identity.

Secure Mail lets users digitally sign, encrypt and decrypt message, while Encrypted Message Exchange is a Web-based message portal that lets users in communities communicate privately, while Encrypted Document Presentation, which is aimed at the financial, health and retail markets, lets users sent messages to multiple users securely.

Secure DOX lets users encrypt data stored on local or networked storage, and give colleagues permission to share sensitive documents.