Coast Software Inc. has announced that it has struck a deal to provide the U.S. Department of Defense with its Web Quality Central software to automatically scrub military Web sites for sensitive operational information and ensure adherence to privacy policies.

The U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy have deployed Coast’s software as a means of adhering to internal Defense Department guidelines on the management of Web content, as well as portions of the e-Government Act of 2002.

That law requires federal agencies to adhere to Office of Management and Budget guidelines on protecting the privacy rights of Web site visitors.

Pentagon officials declined to comment on the agreement.

Coast Web Quality Central is an enterprise application that offers summary reporting for an executive view into areas such as Web site privacy, operational security and accessibility compliance.

The software also offers Web-based reports on trend analysis. Users can license and deploy the software on their own networks or have Coast Software host and manage it.

The Ottawa-based company released Version 3.1 of the software last month. The new release includes enhanced functionality, such as the ability to enforce compliance rules on non-HTML page content.

The software is also designed to enable users to identify privacy and operational security violations contained within Adobe Acrobat PDF files and Microsoft Office documents.

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