Developers go wireless with Forms


This year could be the start of people moving away from shuffling paper to shuffling wireless forms instead.

Goldstream Wireless Solutions Inc. is developing a Tablet PC-based application that will replace paper forms with electronic ones to be delivered wirelessly back to the head office. “Anywhere where there are efficiencies to be gained by getting data back into the field in a wireless, real-time manner is what we are looking to do,” said Lindsay Berger, vice-president of technology with Goldstream in Winnipeg, Man. “We are targeting emergency services like fire inspections and fire reporting, the moving industry and some police applications.”

Goldstream’s goal is to eliminate the paper forms filled out for such things as fire inspection and reporting, and replace those forms with electronic versions that can be delivered wirelessly. By removing the physical paper from the reporting process, companies will not only save on the cost of the paper forms, but get additional savings from the fact that workers can do their jobs faster since the electronic forms can be filled out on-site and delivered back to the office instantly.

Berger added by going wireless, companies can also deliver form-based infor


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