Energy conscious IT managers are the target of Dell Inc.’s latest blade server enclosure, the PowerEdge M1000e. The hardware has space for 16 half-height blade servers, weighs 44.5 kg empty and 179 kg with a full load of blades and rear modules.

With Dell’s Energy Smart and Dynamic Power Supply Engagement technologies, users will (hopefully) save power by putting lightly-loaded power supplies into standby mode and using low-power cooling fans.

“The goal is to reduce power consumption by 25 per cent,” said Kevin Smith, Dell Canada’s server brand manager.

The hardware has real time reporting for power consumption of both the enclosure itself and the blades, and IT managers can give one blade priority over another.

The M1000e also has a variety of networking and storage options. It can accommodate the PowerConnect M6220 blade switch, which has four Gigabit Ethernet ports with optional upgradeable ports for stacking for 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It also has a keyboard video mouse switch and on-board remote access cards, which Smith likens to a spedomenter in a car — something people have come to expect.

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