Corsair has announced a 1000-Watt power supply unit, plus a 16 GB USB 2.0 flash drive. The Fremont, Calif.-based manufacturer plans to demonstrate both products at the CeBIT trade show, scheduled next week in Hannover, Germany.

The HX1000W is a power supply unit designed for multi-core processors, with a dual 12-Volt rail design. With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$279.99, the HX1000W is rated to provide output power of 1000-Watts at 50 degrees C, includes a 140-mm fan, and is certified by Nvidia Corp. of Santa Clara, Calif.

Corsair’s GT Flash Voyager USBM 2.0 drive includes all-rubber housing to make is shock-resistant and waterproof. The drive also includes TrueCrypt encryption software, which provides 256-bit encryption using the Advanced Encryption Standard.

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Beware of teratheft

With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$169.99, the GT Flash Voyager has a 10 year warranty. Corsair says it has been designed to take advantage of its NAND flash chips.