The City of Ottawa has completed the implementation of a new “management information backbone” that streamlines and harmonizes its key business processes and information.

Over a three-year period, IBM Canada Ltd. deployed and delivered the new system that harnesses business software from leading ERP software vendor SAP AG.

SAP applications enable Ottawa to integrate crucial financial, HR, asset and work-management information into a single repository for simplified management, operational support and decision-making.

The fourth largest metropolis in Canada, the new City of Ottawa was created in 2001. The city’s immediate goal was to consolidate and integrate services, structures and technologies of its 12 original organizations so they functioned as one.

The city estimated the new system would generate significant savings and other benefits, mainly from a new municipal structure and organizational framework, and service delivery enhancements.

A rigorous program was put in place to track the payoff and by 2009, the city expects to realize all of the anticipated benefits.

Benefits that have realized include:

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