Cloud Security Summit: Pursuing a more secure everywhere


Your organization may have done a superb job so far of transitioning to the cloud, and the belief across your leadership group might be that all is progressing smoothly. But what about security? You may have your apps and data spread across SaaS, private cloud, public cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid cloud environments, but are you certain you have the right security in place to protect everything everywhere?

The standard wisdom tells us to protect our critical data where it resides. The price tag attached to being less than exemplary in this regard, however, is growing exponentially, and it gets personal. “Financial damage can be insured against,” says nationally recognized CISO and security expert Michael Ball, “but remember that reputational damage cannot.”

It’s a cloud world now. In many facets of business, from app development to code deployment to infrastructure updates, the flux that comes with constant change is the new norm. This often leaves IT and leadership in a state of quiet desperation, feeling the prospect of securing all cloud assets, at all times, everywhere, to be distant at best.

It doesn’t matter what you are — NetOps, SecOps, DevOps, or tasked with managing them all — if you’re looking to get clear visibility and granular control, and to be confident in your cloud security posture overall, you’re going to want to block off this coming January 17th on your calendar.

At the Cloud Security Summit, sponsored by Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Palo Alto Networks, as well as other providers, partners, and peers, topics of discussion will include:

  • “A More Secure Everywhere” – implementing a security framework that adapts to your evolving needs, applying consistent controls across mobile, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, and adapting security to new technologies
  • “A Panel of Your Peers” – discussion among peers of their cloud journey, including lessons learned and advice on moving securely to the cloud
  • “Embracing Containers without Fear” – security challenges around container deployments and best practices while securing containers
  • “Never Trust, Always Validate” – how others are dealing with issues like PCI and GDPR compliance in the cloud, and how to get ready for audits without stopping or hindering innovation

Whether you’re easing into the cloud or are already there in force, this is one event you cannot afford to miss.

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