A Canadian provider of secure remote desktop access solutions  has added the ability for users to access audio and video files from Windows and iOS-based mobile devices.

Route1 Inc. said Tuesday that version 4.4 of its MobiKey solution now lets subscribers not only remotely access text files on their desktops but also audio as well.

“If your voice mail messages are emailed to you, you can securely listen to them while using MobiKey,” company CEO Tony Busseri explained in an interview.

It will be a boon for organizations that have unified communications solutions, he added. Support for Android devices will be added in the fourth quarter.

It’s just one of several new features the updated software offers, including general performance and usability improvements for users connecting to VMware virtual desktops, and a streamlined password reset enrolment process for users of the MobiKey Classic 2 (MC2) device.

Headquartered in Toronto, Route1offers a secure platform called MobiNet for identity management of subscribers, who use MobiKey Classic2, a multi-factor authentication solution on a USB memory stick; the MobiKey Fusion identity validation device for use with identity cards; or the MobiLink for iOS solution to access the corporate network.

These are solutions for organizations that want more than single sign-on solutions, which is why governments are a big part of its subscription base.

According to its latest quarterly results, the publicly-traded company had about 14,240 at the end of March, a loss of several hundred over the previous quarter due to the loss of a European government customer. Over the last year the number of subscribers has roughly stayed the same. ¬†Busseri said that’s because “the market is somewhat stuck in acting.”

Governments typically buy in multi-year cycles, he said, “so we’re optimistic that the coming quarters will see a breakthrough in subscribers, most definitely with government accounts.” North American companies “have been been talkers (on security), and not a lot of investment,” he said. But he predicts that with news of recent Internet break-ins at corporations, governments will pressure the private sector to improve online security.

The company has several pilot projects with the U.S. defense department and is trying to get MobiKey technology approved by the Defense Information Systems Agency approved products list.

Route1 had a profit of $469 million on sales of $1.7 million in the quarter.


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