BNP Paribas bets on project management platform


Financial advisor and broker BNP Paribas Personal Investors has deployed a project and portfolio management (PPM) system from CA to improve the use of its IT resources.

BNP said the CA Clarity PPM technology will improve project governance and financial monitoring internationally. Clarity PPM is being used by 340 BNP users across Germany, France and India.

The technology is being used to optimise the completion of IT projects, leverage internal and external resources, and improve their cost allocation. The software also supports data delivery to the financial firm’s accounting systems.

“By introducing reliable project monitoring metrics and indicators, the CA Clarity PPM solution has significantly improved IT transparency,” said Benjamin Mourrat, IT corporate portfolio manager at BNP Paribas Personal Investors.

“The integrated technology enables BNP Paribas to optimise resources, improve the prioritisation and monitoring of European projects, and manage multiple investment portfolios. It also provides a common language that we can use in every country,” said Mourrat.

Before a project is approved, for example, a portfolio manager and other bank decision-makers determine its relevance, based on factors such as return on investment and strategic value.

The project office then uses the CA system to validate resource availability based on a capacity plan. Once a project is approved, the project manager gathers a team and allocates tasks based on available resources.

Project management then follows capability maturity model integration (CMMI) standards. For increased flexibility, teams can use reporting tools to extract and consolidate data from the CA Clarity PPM repository for advanced project monitoring throughout the project lifecycle.

CA Clarity PPM was initially deployed to 120 development professionals, was extended to 90 users in the data centre, and then implemented to the project management team.

The system provides a single data repository and a common language to all users. It includes advanced metrics and dashboards to ensure users focus on common priorities and can rely on accurate, timely decision making, said CA.


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