Avigilon's Access Control Manager server

Published: March 17th, 2014

A Vancouver maker of HD video surveillance systems has released a new version of its access control software, which stems from an acquisition last year

Avigilon Corp. says Access Control 5.0 seamlessly integrates identity management, video surveillance systems and physical security. The release makes the completion of the operational integration of RedCloud Security, Inc., which was bought in May 2013 for $17 million.

“The introduction of ACM 5.0 allows us to offer our customers a more robust portfolio of end-to-end security solutions,” Pedro Simoes, Avigilon’s senior vice president of global sales, said in a statement.

“The technology’s ease of use and plug and play functionality, combined with Avigilon’s high-definition video surveillance solution, allows us to meet the growing demands of the global security market.”

Access Control Manager is a browser-based solution that comes in two forms: An enterprise edition on a pre–configured rack server, and a virtual edition. Both can handle up to 500,000 identities. It integrates with Active Directory, HR databases and any other IT and logical security systems to manage permissions from a single location, the company said.

Multiple sites can be managed no matter how far apart they are. Security administrators can also assign door privileges and manage employee or visitor credentials.

IT supports open field hardware from manufacturers such as Mercury Security and HID.

Graphic map support lets administrators add floor plans to the system.

If there is an unauthorized attempt to access an area, live video can be streamed for investigation. It also includes email alerts.

Role-based reporting limits who can see what.

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