Apple v Samsung goes to the jury

We’re nearing the finish line in the “iPhone knock-off” case before a jury in the district of Northern California.


Image courtesy of Shutterstock
Both parties have made their closing arguments, leaving jurors with a 700-question questionnaire to determine the validity of Apple’s argument that Samsung violated its intellectual property rights, selling 22 million phones in the U.S. that violated Apple’s patents.
In this trial report from, Apple’s lawyers told the jury that Samsung “recklessly” infringed on iPhone and iPad patents, while Samsung’s lawyer warned that if the verdict goes against the South Korean company it could affect competition. For another take on the summations, see this report from CNET.


Patent cases are notoriously difficult for a layman panel. The jury was read 100 pages of instructions before deliberating. At the most elementary level, the jury must decide either that A) historical documents prove Samsung intentional set out to create an iPhone knock-off, or 2) that Apple has presented no evidence that consumers confused Samsung’s products with Apple’s iPhone.

At stake is $2.75 billion in damages — triple that if the jury decides the alleged patent violations were willful.


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