You`re probably familiar with Stuxnet, Duku and Flame, but have you heard of Wiper? If not, there may be a reason — it apparently wipes itself out of existance as it wipes hard drive.
Kaspersky Lab has been looking for some time for Wiper, and as this report from Infosecurity details, it was during that hunt it discovered Flame. Kaspersky has been able to release some conclusions, which are outlined here.
Kaspersky’s work came from hard drive images it could recover. Kaspersky hasn’t managed to recover the malware itself, but was able to conclude it has a “highly effective method of destroying computer systems, including its unique data wiping pattern and destructive behavior,” the company said in a news release.
Kaspersky also confirmed Wiper was responsible for attacks launched on computer systems in Western Asia in April.

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