Amazon launches Dropbox-like file sync feature


Amazon Web Services Inc. yesterday said it has built-in file synchronization feature to its desktop application Cloud Drive that will make it easier for users to manage files across different computers.

Called File Sync, enables users to store and access documents, music, photos and other files in the Amazon Cloud from a special folder on their computers.

Files stored in this folder are instantly stored in Cloud Drive and can be accessed from a computer or the Internet. When a user installs the Cloud Drive app on another computer, the synched files will be synched and available in that computer as well.


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The feature is similar to the local cloud storage offered by popular free file transfer site Dropbox. Dropbox also stores its data with Amazon Web Services.

Other technology giants that enable users to transfer files into a cloud-based folder are Microsoft Corp., with its SkyDrive and Google Inc., with its Google Drive.

Prior to Monday’s release, Cloud Drive did not have any file synching feature.

Back in 2011, Amazon launched Cloud Drive as a cloud-based storage for music. Since then Amazon has upgraded Cloud Drive to enabled storage of other types of files. The service also now has a client for Windows and MacOS. There is still no iOS or Android support yet, but there is an Android photo-sharing app for Cloud Drive.

With the new upgrade, Cloud Drive users get 5GB of free storage.

Extra storage goes for a dollar per gigabyte per year, up to 1000GB. The Cloud Drive desktop app supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8, and Mac OS 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8.

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