Accellion adds remote wipe


Accellion Inc. has added native remote wipe capabilities to its suite of mobile file-sharing and collaboration technologies.

With the remote-wipe feature, the IT department can wipe individual files on a mobile device – for example, if an employee leaves the company but has shared files with other employees – or the entire Accellion container in the event of a lost device.

In either case, the company said in a statement, the remote wipe targets only company data in the container. Personal information remains, and devices aren’t reset to factory settings.

Accellion also offers a number of other mobile device management capabilities, including:

* Customer user profiles to control file transfer and collaboration capabilities;
* Native antivirus scanning;
* Application whitelisting;
* Integration with data loss prevention technologies from Symantec, RSA, Fidelis, Websense and others.



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