IT working with business units on Internet of Things: Canadian survey

The number of smart connected devices in Canada is poised to balloon from 28 million in 2013 to no less than 114 million in five years, according to a study on Internet of

Published on: July 14th, 2014 Nestor E. Arellano

Meru controllers certified for OpenFlow

Meru Networks says it has received the first certificate of conformance for a wireless LAN manufacturer given by the Open Networking Foundation for the ability of its mobility access controllers  to work with the OpenFlow protocol for

Published on: June 30th, 2014 Howard Solomon

“Free” public Wi-Fi comes at a price, Calgarians find

“When something online is for free, you’re not the customer, you’re the product.” There’s debate about who coined this phrase, which having originated (it seems) in 2010 qualifies as an old saw by

Published on: May 23rd, 2014 Andrew Brooks

Smartphone snooping by police may wreck evidence, forensics expert says

Technology, not legal niceties, may be one of the strongest reasons police shouldn’t be allowed to search the smartphones of people they’ve stopped or arrested. At least, that’s the view of a technology

Published on: May 5th, 2014 Andrew Brooks

Parks Canada pursues wilderness Wi-Fi

It seems that when people say they want to get away from it all, it means they actually want to take it all with them. At least that seems to be Parks Canada’s

Published on: May 1st, 2014 Andrew Brooks

Canadian company part of wireless retail solution

A Vancouver mobile payment platform is partnering with a maker of wireless sensors for retail stores to deliver context and micro-location data to smart phones. nTrust Group announced its deal Tuesday with San Francisco's Estimote, whose stylish

Published on: April 30th, 2014 Andrew Brooks

Five coming wireless technologies business should watch

It's hard to say what's the most ubiquitous wireless technology we use every day: Almost everyone carries a cell phone; Bluetooth is available for everything from earpieces to speakers; and Wi-Fi is found in the

Published on: April 22nd, 2014 Howard Solomon

The network that got away: UC management still an elusive goal

The management of unified communications (UC) systems is already a big enough task for network managers. It's complicated and unglamorous, and it's getting tougher all the time as network devices and complexity proliferate. That's

Published on: April 22nd, 2014 Andrew Brooks

Lots of ways to go wrong – and right – when building a WLAN

There are plenty of wrong ways to do things when setting up a wireless LAN, but no one right way either. That was the message attendees at an Interop Las Vegas workshop heard

Published on: April 16th, 2014 Andrew Brooks