Catching bugs: How Microsoft set up its bounty program

SAN FRANCISCO – When Katie Moussouris first tried to launch a program to pay security researchers for finding bugs in Microsoft Corp.’s programs in 2010, she felt she was facing the impossible. Microsoft

Published on: March 1st, 2014 Candice So

RSA 2014 roundup: New products from Sophos, iBoss and viaForensics

The annual RSA Conference provides an opportunity for security vendors to steal some of the spotlight from the host and reveal new products or updates to existing ones. Among those who made announcements

Published on: February 28th, 2014 Howard Solomon

RSA conference: How the cloud can improve security

SAN FRANCISCO - After the warnings about the cloud and its potential threats to security, it seems counter-intuitive to say the cloud can actually help businesses shore up the security of their data.

Published on: February 28th, 2014 Candice So

RSA conference: 10 security concerns for the public cloud

SAN FRANCISCO - It’s not news that businesses are moving more  of their data to the cloud. But even as cloud storage and computing have hit the mainstream, there are a lot of

Published on: February 28th, 2014 Candice So

RSA conference: One shared threat database in security’s future

SAN FRANCISCO – With daily headlines about new malware, dangerous threats, and unforeseen attack vectors, it might be easy to believe that hackers will soon be the victors of the cybersecurity war. But

Published on: February 27th, 2014 Candice So

Security expert snubs RSA conference over NSA payment allegations

Late last week Reuters reported that security vendor RSA, which encryption solutions, was paid US$10 million by the U.S. National Security Agency several years ago to use a flawed number generating algorithm in

Published on: December 24th, 2013 Howard Solomon

Perimeter security no longer enough: RSA

LAS VEGAS - Forget about the perimeter, you’ve already been breached.That’s the mindset that RSA Security Inc., a division of EMC Corp., wants business and IT leaders want to adopt when it comes

Published on: May 8th, 2013

RSA touts password innovation

It's hard enough these days to create passwords for all the Web sites you use in the office and at home, let alone keep track of them. Then you find out that the

Published on: October 11th, 2012 Howard Solomon

RSA Conference post-mortem: Gloom over IT security

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- There was an unusual level of gloom at the RSA Conference this year, and for good reason: a number of the biggest and most respected security firms have been very

Published on: March 5th, 2012 george v. hulme