First Android malware targeting PCs uncovered?

Kaspersky Labs technicians have discovered an Android malware on Google Play which appears to have been designed not to attack its host smart phone but rather any PC that the device connects to.The

Published on: February 6th, 2013

Mobile malware will test Android and iPhone

2009 ushered in mobile malware with the first (and second) worm for Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone appearing just before Christmas. I strongly suspect that 2010 will be a pivotal year in the development

Published on: January 13th, 2010 Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Coming soon to Canada: Mobile hackers

Canadian smart phone users are less likely to get hacked on their mobile devices than their Asian and European counterparts, but that may soon change. Security researchers are uncovering more ways that hackers

Published on: September 6th, 2007 Mari-Len De Guzman