Harvard calls Canada

  Another international broadband study has slammed Canada’s performance in spreading high speed connectivity to the nation.The Harvard University report for the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, which regulates carriers, noted that this country

Published on: October 15th, 2009 Howard Solomon

Broadband stimulus: throwing money at wrong target?

President Obama is not happy that the United States is ranked 15th in the world in broadband adoption and wants to fix things as part of his big economic stimulus package. But it's

Published on: January 28th, 2009 Scott Bradner

Google’s Android launch relatively quiet

The first day of sales for Google's Android phone hasn't quite echoed the frenzy surrounding initial iPhone sales, but a few hardy souls across the country got up early to buy the first

Published on: October 22nd, 2008 Matt Hamblen

Opinion: 10 secrets of bad CIOs

In my decade as a CIO, I've seen a lot of turnover in the IT industry. Each time I hear about a CIO being fired, I ask around to learn the root cause.

Published on: March 25th, 2008 John D. Halamka

Why do tech firms only last a generation?

It was with some degree of sadness that I saw 3Com sold to Bain Capital and Huawei. But it got me wondering why we see so many one-generation companies.Think of it: Network Equipment

Published on: November 1st, 2007 Howard Anderson

Harvard takes IBM’s Blue Gene to heart

IBM on Thursday announced that Harvard University is using an IBM Blue Gene supercomputer, which holds the title as the fastest supercomputer in the world, to support research into the human heart and

Published on: October 19th, 2006 Jennifer Mears

SCO shows IBM the code

Ten months after launching its lawsuit against IBM Corp., The SCO Group Inc. has finally provided Big Blue with a list of files and individual code samples that, it claims, violate its intellectual

Published on: January 13th, 2004 Robert McMillan

Fungi can infest computer insulation

Computer professionals know all about the little blights such as viruses and bugs that can wreak havoc with computer systems, but according to Ralph Mitchell there may be another category of culprits: fungi.Under

Published on: January 14th, 1999 Carolyn Gruske