Four myths busted in the printing business

The printing business isn’t what it used to be. And, that’s a good thing. Today’s business environment is a testament to technology being an instrument of change, but for business and technology to

Published on: December 23rd, 2010 tom oldfield

UBC saves $8 million, cuts paper waste by a quarter

The University of British Columbia estimates it will cut its paper waste by 26 per cent and save at least $8 million over the next six years with a new initiative for improved document

Published on: January 7th, 2010 Kathleen Lau

Xerox eyes US$6.4B acquisition of outsourcer ACS

Xerox has agreed to buy business process outsourcer Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) for US$6.4 billion, in a move it hopes will allow it to expand beyond the field of document management.The deal will

Published on: September 28th, 2009 Peter Sayer

Upheaval in document management market: Datamonitor

Significant upheaval is inevitable in the documents and records management market, according to analyst house Datamonitor. It expects a round of acquisitions to take place in the market, and for new companies to

Published on: September 25th, 2008 Leo King

Canadian Tire gets rolling with SharePoint

Canadian Tire is rolling into the Web 2.0 age through their implementation of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, a move that will drastically reduce their paper use and boost collaboration productivity.General manager for

Published on: July 27th, 2008 Briony Smith

Toronto’s Xenos offers ‘document lifecycle tool’

In an effort to help IT managers manage the creation, format, storage and presentation of documents, Toronto-based Xenos Group Inc. has released its Integrated Document Solution (IDS). Xenos said IDS, which it referred

Published on: November 22nd, 2007 Rafael Ruffolo

Printing reaches CIO agenda

While Jim Firestone doesn’t think we’ll see the advent of the paperless office in our working lives, the president of Xerox North America does see a more holistic approach to document management becoming

Published on: September 28th, 2006 Jeff Jedras

Calgary varsity goes beyond printing with Xerox

The University of Calgary (U of C) prints so many documents each year the stack would rival the 525-foot landmark Calgary Tower. And it's only going to get bigger. Thanks to a booming

Published on: September 12th, 2006 Jeff Jedras

How to select collaboration tools

Robb Chapman, an IT specialist at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, discovered how complicated the choice of a collaboration tool can be when he became involved in the CDC's effort to

Published on: December 19th, 2005 Sue Hildreth