Firms still not acting on data retention

First the good news: The number of companies without a data retention plan has gone down from 14 per cent in 2011 to just seven per cent last year. Unfortunately, according to a recent survey

Published on: January 10th, 2013

Linux central to Higgs Boson discovery, claims physicist

LONDON -- After Linux was founding wanting over last weekend's leap second server hiatus, some better news - it helped CERN physicists track down the mysterious Higgs Boson.To most outsiders software used by

Published on: July 6th, 2012 John E Dunn

Hadoop ready for corporate IT, execs say

NEW YORK -- Despite some lingering technology issues, Hadoop is ready for enterprise use, IT executives said Tuesday at the Hadoop World conference here.Larry Feinsmith, managing director at JP Morgan Chase, told a

Published on: November 9th, 2011 Jaikumar Vijayan


IBM on Wednesday announced a new range of integrated systems for large-scale data analysis, mounting a fresh challenge to rival Oracle's Exadata platform. The offerings include the pureScale Application System as well as Smart

Published on: April 7th, 2010 Chris Kanaracus

Big Blue aims supercomputing at enterprises

A familiar user interface might help high performance compute cluster (HPCC) technology gain traction in the mid-market and enterprise crowd, according to IBM. The Armonk, NY-based company announced Thursday Windows Compute Cluster Server

Published on: June 28th, 2007 Kathleen Lau

Cluster computing rocks … when used to analyze them

Analyzing rocks may not be everybody's idea of a fascinating avocation. But such analysis can translate into huge practical benefits, especially in the area of seismology – the science of earthquakes and their

Published on: June 20th, 2007 Kathleen Lau

Privacy advocates: Congress must police data gathering

Assurances of limited scope from the leaders of two proposed U.S. government data-gathering projects weren't good enough for privacy advocates, who on Tuesday urged Congress to police just what personal information the government

Published on: May 20th, 2003 Grant Gross

Companies reassess accounting apps

In light of the accounting problems that have plagued American corporations over the past year, there has been increased attention paid to financial applications and the role IT plays in their implementation and

Published on: August 22nd, 2002 Chris Conrath

U of Waterloo Delves Into Deep Computing

The University of Waterloo and IBM Canada Ltd. are jointly establishing a research facility that will focus on the area of large-scale parallel computing.Dubbed the UW/IBM Facility for Scientific and Deep Computing, the

Published on: November 30th, 2000 CIO Canada Staff