The IT asset manager as hero

Published on: July 22nd, 2014 Howard Solomon

4 key messages in Satya Nadella’s letter to Microsoft employees

In an open letter to Microsoft employees yesterday, the company’s new CEO Satya Nadella outlined his view of the technology giant’s place in the world and essentially told his staffer to brace themselves

Published on: July 11th, 2014 Nestor E. Arellano

Why the importance of CIOs is only going to grow

How isolated is the CIO in the executive suite? It's been a question asked for years because there is a sense -- with some empirical evidence to back it up -- that many

Published on: July 2nd, 2014 Howard Solomon

Is loss of control the biggest hurdle to cloud computing?

Some systems managers still believe the promise of cloud computing exceeds the technological reality.  They cite the “ities” – security, customizability, longevity, quality, reliability and others – as being key inhibitors to adoption

Published on: July 2nd, 2014 Don Sheppard

CIO Census 2014: How Canadian IT leadership is changing

There are lots of interesting statistics in CIO Census 2014, but one of the most important ones wasn’t even captured by our primary research. When we developed the questionnaire for our second-annual study

Published on: June 17th, 2014 Shane Schick

Randstad’s CIO looks online for increased value in staffing and hiring

Finding the right person for a job is difficult no matter what method you use, but Andrew Dillane can't afford to ignore any of them. As the CIO of Randstad Canada explains in

Published on: June 6th, 2014 Shane Schick

4 Moto-E design principles that CIOs should steal from Motorola

There was no mention of mobile device management features. Nothing about how well it could handle enterprise applications. The word “security” was not spoken. Yet there was something in the launch of Motorola’s

Published on: May 13th, 2014 Shane Schick

A CIO-turned-author explains why exec support is so mission-critical

In Disrupt IT – a radical transformation of IT, longtime CIO Ian Cox draws upon his personal experience to help his peers understand how their role is evolving. This is the second of our

Published on: April 30th, 2014 Shane Schick

Survey pinpoints top app development challenges for CIOs

There's many a slip between identifying a business requirement and delivering a solution to that need. Businesses and researchers have generated abundant evidence that a huge proportion of IT project management efforts are

Published on: April 23rd, 2014 Andrew Brooks