Cisco, T-Systems Germany team on RFID

Equipment manufacturer Cisco Systems Inc. and IT service provider T-Systems International GmbH will collaborate in developing smart-tag systems for the logistics and retail sectors, the companies said Tuesday. Initially, the two companies will

Published on: May 9th, 2006 John Blau

NATO upgrade underscores RFID demand

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has awarded a contract to upgrade and support an RFID (radio frequency identification) network launched last year to track multinational defense consignments between Europe and Afghanistan. The

Published on: December 14th, 2005 John Blau

Future Store models advanced SCM, CRM

Waldemar Wiesner looks a bit annoyed. He's just scanned a package of carrots into a small touch-screen computer mounted to his shopping cart but the scanner wouldn't identify the product. "This is the

Published on: October 1st, 2003 John Blau

RFID helps improve asset visibility

Wireless asset-tracking systems are causing a stir throughout the ranks of traditionally IT-conservative retailers.Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is conducting field trials of wireless-enabled item labels that are embedded with tiny transmitters - technology that

Published on: July 18th, 2003 Ann Bednarz and Denise Dubie

Marines tackle paperwork with wireless LAN

The U.S. Marines are famous for bringing everything they need with them to a hostile beach. Now they've begun bringing their networks, too. Wireless LANs and rugged handheld computers are starting to make

Published on: June 2nd, 2002 John Cox

Plastic processor prototype developed

A European start-up company is on its way to developing a microprocessor manufacturing technique that uses a flexible plastic material for the motherboard instead of the industry-standard silicon. A plastic processor prototype from

Published on: January 25th, 2001 Laura Rohde and Dan Neel